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4 Sides Woodworking Planer | Improvement of cutter shaft and blade for woodworking planer

4 Sides Woodworking Planer | Improvement of cutter shaft and blade for woodworking planer

26 Feb 2022

1 Analysis of processing status

At present, the cutter shaft of woodworking planer is mostly cylindrical, the cutter is a linear blade, and the cutting part consists of a rotating cutter shaft and a linear blade.
Discussion on planing processing of solid wood furniture combined with modern wood processing technology
The linear inserts and edges enter and leave the cutting at the same time during processing. The cutting process is intermittent, and the load is large and small. To sum up, there are the following disadvantages.

1.1 Influence on product processing quality
Intermittent cutting makes the surface of the machined wood ripple, which affects the roughness and shape accuracy of the surface. The main flatness accuracy is low, the surface is rough, and the processing quality is poor.

1.2 Impact on equipment
Intermittent cutting makes the load change frequently and has impact force, which makes the workpiece and equipment vibrate, which not only damages the equipment, but also affects its life.

1.3 Influence on the tool
Interrupted cutting has an impact force, which makes the blade and cutting edge easy to wear.

1.4 Impact on Productivity
Interrupted cutting has impact, and it is not easy to flatten the plane of the product, thus reducing production efficiency.

1.5 Bad for security
The intermittent cutting load is large and small, which causes the planer to vibrate seriously and the workpiece also vibrates. In this way, the workpiece is sometimes discarded, which is a great threat to the safety of the operator.

2 Improvement measures
Changing from interrupted cutting to continuous cutting is like gear hobbing, the cutting force is uniform and there is no vibration, which overcomes the shortcomings of interrupted cutting.

The improvement method is as follows:

Change the position where the cutter shaft is installed with the insert from a straight line to a helical line.
Change straight blade to helical blade.
If the blade is changed from two to three, the cutter shaft rotates once, the original two linear blades have short cutting time, idle time, low intermittent cutting efficiency and large vibration; When planing, at least one blade is cutting, and the load changes little, forming continuous cutting, and the impact force is greatly reduced, and the smoothness of cutting is increased.

3 Effect analysis
After the improvement, the cutting situation is greatly improved. When the planer is working, the cutting becomes continuous cutting, the cutting resistance does not change much, the vibration is reduced, the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the planed wood surface are improved, the surface ripple phenomenon is overcome, the roughness value is reduced, and the wood planing process is improved. Quality; blade and blade wear is reduced, blade service time is increased, failures are reduced, planer damage is reduced, repair time and frequency are reduced, not only improves productivity, but also improves economic efficiency. Although the helical knife making machine is more difficult to sharpen than the straight blade, it can be ground with a simple helical blade sharpening tool grinder, or the shaft and the blade can be manufactured as one piece.