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Advantages and applications of Cross Cutting Saw Machine

Advantages and applications of Cross Cutting Saw Machine

09 Oct 2021

The application of the cross-cutting saw has brought great convenience to the paper cutting work, and the precise design of the computerized cross-cutting machine makes the cutting operation more time-saving and labor-saving.
Cross-cutting saws are divided into mechanical cross-cutting machines and computerized cross-cutting machines due to different transmission control methods. The computerized cross-cutting machine is controlled by an industrial control computer. According to the set length, the knife shaft is controlled to cut the cardboard. In addition, the precision transmission of the mechanical part can control the cutting error within ±1mm. Computer-controlled cross-cutting machines include spiral knife cross-cutting machine and straight knife cross-cutting machine. The spiral knife cross-cutting machine is more suitable for high-speed cutting of thick cardboard, and the paper cuts smoothly, and the blade has a long life.
The gears of the cross-cut saw are all refined and ground made of high-quality steel. Smooth transmission, low noise and long life. The structure of the blade holder of the cross-cutting saw is advanced. It is convenient to adjust the knife, the knife axis is balanced by the static torque, and the operation is stable. The transmission mechanism of the cross-cut saw machine adopts a lubricating pump for circulating lubrication. The cross-cut saw adopts a new generation of computer systems from Taiwan and Germany, with excellent performance and long trouble-free running time. Imported blades and domestic blades are available for users to choose. Suitable for three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer corrugated cardboard production lines. Therefore, how to operate and control the cross-cut saw machine correctly and reasonably during use, and how to maintain the stability of its performance, is very important to its work efficiency.
Cross Cutting Saw Machine