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Advantages of automatic conveyor

Advantages of automatic conveyor

26 Jul 2021

Advantages of automatic conveyor
Another main feature of this unit is energy saving and no pollution to the environment. Each conveyor can automatically adjust the drive power according to the load to ensure full load operation. When there is no load for a long time, it will automatically enter the slow "waiting material" working condition, and automatically resume normal operation when there is a load. All the tapes are transported in a closed manner, so that the materials will not overflow, and it can also prevent the pollution of transported minerals by wind, rain and snow. The three major pollution problems that existed in the 19th century, such as dust, material removal at reprinting sites, and empty material return, have been eradicated.
In order to quickly repair damaged conveyor belts, rapid vulcanization polymerization technology is widely used. Use an electric repair spray gun to shoot two kinds of paste-like polymerizers, apply them to the area to be repaired, and begin to solidify after mixing, and reach the highest strength and high abrasion resistance after 24 hours. In case of emergency, the material can be transported after spraying for 1 hour.
In order to meet various transportation conditions, various conveyors that can transport large ore (linear length up to 1.5m) and bendable in the horizontal or vertical plane have been finalized. Tubular conveyors are also used in mines.
The conveyor body is a steel pipe with a diameter of 1 m or more, in which a plurality of barrel-shaped conveying containers are installed, which are connected to each other by hydraulic buffers to form a row. Each container can hold 3-5t of minerals. The container is supported by five rubber wheels in the steel pipe, and both ends of the container are equipped with annular seals. Driven by the airflow, multiple rows of containers transport materials along the pipeline. The pipeline forms a closed loop back and forth. The conveyor has no vibration when it is working, and the noise is less than 20dB (A). Most of it can be buried in the ground, completely enclosed and invisible, no pollution to the environment, and small maintenance workload.