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Annotation Technical Follow-up Notes: Woodworking Thicknesser Planer

Annotation Technical Follow-up Notes: Woodworking Thicknesser Planer

24 Nov 2022

1. Safety technology of woodworking thicknesser planer

(1) Operating platform

(1) The height of the working table from the ground should be 750-800mm. The table should be flat and smooth to prevent the wood from bouncing and falling sideways.

(2) The guide plate and the lifting mechanism should be self-locking or locked to prevent force displacement.

(3) The amount of opening should be as small as possible, so that the exposed area of ​​the cutter shaft is small. The radial distance between the table lip and the cutting circle at zero cutting position should be kept at (3±2) mm.

(2) Planer shaft

(1) The cutter shaft must be an assembled cylindrical structure, and the use of square cutter shafts is strictly prohibited. The structure and shape of the tool parts are reliably fixed to ensure that the clamping does not loosen or the blade slips radially during operation.

(2) The radial extension of the assembled planer blade shall not exceed 1.1mm. The knife shaft must pass the strength test and centrifugal test.

(3) All exposed rotating parts of the driving device of the cutter shaft must have a firm and reliable protective cover, marking the direction of one-way rotation. A braking device must be provided to ensure that the cutter shaft stops rotating within the specified time after the power is cut off.

(3) Safety protection devices in processing areas

Safety protection devices must be installed in the dangerous area of ​​the planer operation, and its basic function is to cover the cutter shaft to prevent hand cutting. It can be in the form of finger guard key type, shield or guard plate. The safety technical requirements for safety devices are as follows:

(1) The finger guard (or protective cover) must cover the cutter shaft across the full width of the worktable.

(2) When planing, only open the corresponding cutter shaft part with the same width as the workpiece.

(3) There should be sufficient strength and rigidity. The overall protection device should be able to withstand 1kN radial pressure, and when displacement occurs, the remaining gap between the displacement and the blade should be greater than 0.5mm.

(4) The safety device is closed sensitively. The distance between adjacent keys of the claw-shaped finger guard key type shall be less than 8mm.

(5) The device shall not be painted with dazzling colors and shall not reflect gloss.