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Characteristics and precautions of drilling machine

Characteristics and precautions of drilling machine

26 Jul 2021

Characteristics and precautions of drilling machine
A manual drilling machine includes a manual transmission mechanism, an axial feed mechanism, a guide mechanism, and a gap adjustment mechanism. The manual transmission mechanism consists of a main shaft, a wrench connected to the upper end of the main shaft, and a drill bit and a sleeve connected to the lower end of the main shaft. The axial feed mechanism is composed of a hand wheel, a worm, a worm wheel, a nut, and a screw rod; the guide mechanism is composed of a protective box whose upper end is connected to the screw rod through a box cover and a nut, and the gap adjustment mechanism is formed by the upper side of the nut. The adjustment nut connected to the main shaft is composed of two flat bearings arranged on both sides of the upper end of the nut 6. The product has good sealing performance, stable work, low labor intensity, and can be used in one machine. It can be used as a device for carrying out pressure-drilling to install branch pipelines on pipelines that transport liquids or gases without stopping its transportation work.
1. Choose the appropriate drill bit or bit according to the material being drilled. 2. Adjust the appropriate rotation speed according to the material to be drilled. If the rotation speed is too fast, the low melting point material will soften while the rotation speed is too slow. The soft material will stick. 3. Determine the number of feeds of the drilling machine according to the depth and diameter of the drilled hole. 4. The drilling machine is a high-speed rotary feed, and safety protection needs to be paid attention to. 5. Pay attention to ensuring the sharpness of the drill bit. It is necessary to sharpen or replace the drill bit regularly. 6. Regularly lubricate the drill shaft.