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Classification of circular sawing machine and its feeding method

Classification of circular sawing machine and its feeding method

07 Jun 2021

The cutter and transmission mechanism of the circular sawing machine are relatively simple, which can be used for vertical saws and horizontal saws, so the application is extremely wide. The detailed content is roughly divided into the following categories:

Circular Saw

1. Log circular sawing machine

This type of circular saw is used to saw logs, shredded materials or strips into wood. Usually two circular saws with ten planes (some areas called gantry saws) are used to increase the cutting height.

2. Re-cut the circular saw

This sawing machine is the main saw in the circular saw wood workshop, used to process larger wood to increase the productivity of the factory. The cutting circular saw generally uses a mechanical feed single-blade saw.

3. Vertical circular saw

Longitudinal circular saw is used for longitudinal sawing of wood. It has different feed modes (manual feed, horizontal roller feed and crawler feed, etc.) and different numbers of saw blades. There are two types of saw blades: single and multiple blades, up to 7-8 blades. The single saw blade is fed by hand.

4. Trimming circular saw

The cutting edge saw machine is mainly used for double-sided edge cutting of the plate, so it is often designed as a double saw blade. Its characteristic is that the feed speed is fast, up to 50/70 m/min or more. In order to quickly and accurately obtain the required width, the double-edged edge cutting saw is generally equipped with a saw blade moving mechanism and an automatic positioning device.

5. Segmented circular saw

The fundamental difference between section circular saw and longitudinal section circular saw lies in the tooth profile parameters. Mainly used for cutting and cutting finished products. For the cutting of larger wood materials, a feed mechanism with fixed wood and moving knives can be used.

6. Universal circular saw

The universal circular saw has a wide range of functions. Universal circular saws are usually made of tiltable spindles to complete vertical or horizontal sawing at different angles from the vertical plane. It is also possible to use a turntable instead of the tilting spindle, but this is neither safe nor convenient. The universal circular saw can also be used for the forming and processing of fine wood products or the blanking of semi-finished products.

According to the purpose of the circular saw and different working conditions, different feeding methods can be used. The feed methods used by the longitudinal saw are: mechanical sports car feed, manual feed along the worktable, horizontal roller feed, vertical roller feed and crawler feed. There are two feeding methods for cross saws: one is to fix the saw blade, and feed the cut square timber or plate into the saw blade. The other is to move the saw blade to feed the sawn square timber or board.