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CNC Panel Saw Electronic Panel Saw Knowledge Explanation

CNC Panel Saw Electronic Panel Saw Knowledge Explanation

19 Aug 2022

The knowledge of CNC panel saws and electronic panel saws is explained. CNC woodworking panel saws have become the main panel cutting equipment in the furniture and decorative packaging industry, as well as electronic panel saws, another name for computer panel saws. With the development of economy , the demand for packaging, furniture and other woods has also increased. The high precision and high efficiency of CNC panel saws are favored by major manufacturers. Large-scale CNC panel saws with CNC system control are quite excellent in terms of cutting efficiency and automation level. Advanced CNC panel saws can be used to cut and trim plywood, fiberboard or other round boards. It improves the efficiency and saves a lot of costs. The CNC panel saw does not need to manually move the board repeatedly, and it can cut multi-layer boards at one time. The thickness is up to 12 cm, saving time and labor. The control parameters of the CNC system are input on the computer side, which is easy to adjust. The system efficiency is high, the cutting precision of the CNC panel saw is relatively high, and the cutting accuracy is relatively safe, and the workers are easy to operate. Structural difference The CNC panel saw is controlled by a microcomputer, and the computer system completes the functions of dismantling and calculating materials, and the panel saw completes the feeding and cutting work.