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CNC Panel Saw Vertical and Horizontal Panel Saw Woodworking Panel Saw Introduction

CNC Panel Saw Vertical and Horizontal Panel Saw Woodworking Panel Saw Introduction

29 Apr 2022

With the development of science and technology, the precision and speed of CNC panel saws are required to continue to increase. CNC panel saws have gradually become popular. More and more customers choose CNC panel saws. CNC panel saws are also known as CNC vertical and horizontal saws. , CNC horizontal and vertical saw, CNC reciprocating saw, woodworking panel saw, CNC cutting machine, etc. The advantages of CNC cutting saw are: with automatic typesetting, error compensation, visual control, program memory, reasonable structure, stable and solid, etc. various functions,
According to the working characteristics of the CNC panel saw, the control requirements for the CNC panel saw control system are as follows:
1. After the power is turned on, check the shape of each working mechanism of the panel saw, and control each working mechanism to be in the initial CNC panel saw location.
2. The CNC panel saw feeds the material, and the control system controls the feeding mechanism to automatically transport the material to be cut in place.
CNC panel saws can greatly reduce the burden of skilled workers, reduce work intensity, and improve work efficiency. From manual feeding to automatic sawing, automatic edge stripping, and automatic stacking can complete processing requirements at one time, reducing intermediate links. , saving production and high work efficiency.
The precision of the CNC panel saw is also relatively high. The precision of the CNC panel saw of the servo CNC system can even reach about 1 wire, which can be closely processed. A high-precision CNC panel saw is used for vertical and horizontal cutting. A panel saw can replace the efficiency of three old-fashioned table saws.
CNC Panel Saw Vertical and Horizontal Panel Saw It is equipped with an automatic lifting and pressing beam to press the plate during the cutting process, the motor drives the saw car to drive forward, and automatically moves forward and backward on the precision guide rail for cutting;
CNC Panel Saw The vertical and horizontal panel saw automatically pushes out the panel after cutting the panel and locates the size of the next panel to be cut. Equipped with non-contact electromagnetic measurement system, AC servo motor automatically performs precision positioning and precision compensation.
CNC panel saw The vertical and horizontal panel saw CNC program controls the operation of the whole machine, the grabbing manipulator lives the plate and drags the plate to automatically feed, automatically position, automatically cut, and automatically discharge the material until all the plates are sawed, and the saw car is precise in a straight line. Automatically move forward and backward on the guide rail for efficient panel cutting and continuous panel cutting.