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How to maintain the Wood Sawing Machine correctly and effectively.

How to maintain the Wood Sawing Machine correctly and effectively.

07 Jun 2021

Pay attention to maintenance and maintenance after using the wood sawing machine to increase the service life of the wood sawing machine. But how should a qualified wood moulder maintain the wood sawing machine?

Wood Sawing Machine

1. Prevent the wood sawing machine from being held down by heavy objects. Some parts frequently used by small tools cannot be placed on the sawing machine. If you hear abnormal noise when the wood sawing machine is working, do not disassemble the wood sawing machine for inspection. Be sure to turn off the power first. After the machine stops running, ask a professional to check it.

2. After using the wood sawing machine every day, you must remember to clean up the stolen goods, check the condition of each part of the wood sawing machine, and whether the wood sawing machine screws are loose. If severely worn parts are found, the damaged parts need to be replaced in time and cannot be repaired to avoid danger.

3. When wood moulder use wood sawing machine, do not increase or decrease the speed of wood sawing machine at will. They should control the use of machines, operate rationally, and proceed with caution.

4. When wood moulder are in use, they should check regularly and add lubricating oil, lubricant or grease to all parts of the sawing machine. Generally speaking, it is best to check the sawing machine every two weeks or so to ensure the normal operation of the sawing machine and the safety of the user.