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Introduction to the selection points of woodworking dust collectors

Introduction to the selection points of woodworking dust collectors

19 Aug 2022

Nowadays, the daily production of wood factories needs to pay attention to the dust removal effect, so it is still necessary to use special woodworking dust collectors. Moreover, there are still many aspects to be considered when selecting a model, so that a suitable dust collector can also ensure a good dust removal effect, and can also avoid some work pollution.
Technical parameters to consider
No matter how to choose a dust collector, we must ensure that the base parameters meet our needs, and we must take into account the specific air volume, gas temperature, and dust concentration. Then select the appropriate dust collector model according to the actual regulations, and choose a value slightly smaller than the technical performance as the standard, so that the selection of the dust collector model is truly guaranteed.
Air consumption confirmation
When purchasing a woodworking dust collector, you should still pay attention to the amount of exhaust gas. If the air compressor is used alone, it is necessary to ensure that the air consumption is increased by 1.5 times, so that it can be truly guaranteed. The air consumption should be determined in advance, so as not to affect the correct use of the dust collector.
filter material
The woodworking dust collector should also pay attention to the local conditions of the filter material. Generally, the appropriate filter material should be selected according to the nature, concentration and viscosity of the smoke and dust. If it is acid and alkali-free soot and the temperature is not high, then choose polyester needle-punched felt. If it is a high temperature environment, you need to choose materials such as glass fiber needled felt.