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Introduction to Wood Sander Machine

Introduction to Wood Sander Machine

06 Sep 2021

Wood Sander Machine is an equipment that uses abrasive tools to perform sanding or grinding of various boards and wood products. Woodworking sanding machines are widely used in wood-based panels and furniture industries, in large demand, and in many types. They have developed rapidly in recent years.

The characteristics of woodworking sanding machine are strong adaptability, can carry out the standard precision of the work, can also carry out the surface roughness of the workpiece, can process the workpiece with large width, can also process the narrow workpiece, can process various planes, and can also Processing various curved surfaces can be used for many productions, and can also be used for small batch production.

Wood Sander Machine can not only greatly reduce the wood tearing, knot tearing and appearance damage caused by the planer, but also reduce the blank specification by 5-10%, and overcome the disadvantages of unsafe planer and high noise. If it is combined with a milling machine, a lathe, etc., forming and sanding can be finished one after another. Therefore, the wood Sander Machine has become one of the important machine tools for wood processing.