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Main performance characteristics of woodworking dust collector

Main performance characteristics of woodworking dust collector

26 Jul 2022

Performance characteristics of woodworking dust collector:

1. High-reliability design to ensure long-term stable operation of the bag filter with the main engine, with minimal maintenance work;

2. High compliance design, the bag filter can adapt to a wide range of changes in the properties of dust-containing gases;

3. The extraordinary structural design and strict selection of filter materials and components can meet extremely strict environmental protection requirements, and the discharge of the bag filter can be guaranteed to be lower than 50mg/Nm3;

4. The optimized inlet and outlet air duct design is conducive to uniform airflow distribution;

5. Anti-leakage design ensures that the air leakage rate of the bag filter is minimized (<4%);

6. The split structure design is convenient for the transportation and installation of the equipment, and ensures the manufacturing accuracy of the equipment;

7. The three-state ash cleaning technology of sub-chamber pulse ensures the best cleaning strength and effect;

8. The self-cleaning system of the dust collector when it stops to ensure that the dust collector is always in the best working condition;

9. The box-type pulse injection structure reduces the resistance of dust cleaning and injection, and is conducive to the daily maintenance and repair of the equipment;

10. Two cleaning methods of constant resistance or timing and programmable control system (PLC control cabinet);

11. Provide centralized control (DSC remote control) and side control two options;

12. Long-life design, the main equipment is designed and manufactured according to the service life of more than 15 years;​​​​