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Maintenance of woodworking machinery

Maintenance of woodworking machinery

04 Feb 2022

(1) Maintenance of transmission parts and hydraulic system.

1) The flat belt should pay attention to whether the joint is correct and firm. V-belt should pay attention to choose the appropriate model and specification. The belt tension should be moderate, not too tight or too loose.

2) The belt and pulley should be kept clean frequently

3) Keep the belt dry and prevent the belt from slipping when wet. When the flat belt slips, you can properly wax the inner surface of the flat belt to prevent slipping.

4) The gears in the gearbox should not be replaced during the operation. The appropriate oil level should be maintained in the box, and the box cover should be sealed to prevent debris from entering.

5) The chain should be wiped economically, and keep a certain amount of grease or immerse a part of it in oil.

6) The friction mechanism should keep the friction surface clean and not stained with oil or moisture. The friction pressure should be appropriate.

⑦) The hydraulic system should regularly replace the oil, clean the oil pump and oil filter valve. Large-scale equipment such as hot presses are generally changed once a month, and small and medium-sized machine tools such as hydraulic punching machines are generally changed every 3 to 6 months.

8) The hydraulic system must be kept sealed to prevent oil leakage and air from entering the system. Always check the working performance of oil cylinders, pistons, sealing rings and valves.

(2) Maintenance of machine tools in use.

1) Before starting the machine, check whether the safety guards, tools and fixtures are tight and proper. Knives and tools are kept separate in the toolbox.

2) Do a good job of lubricating, check the position of the handle, and control the machine tool to run normally under the allowable load. Always observe during operation: whether there is noise in the moving parts, and if it is found to be abnormal, it should be stopped in time to find the cause; whether the bearing is overheated; whether the motor is normal.

3) After the work is over, cut off the power supply, remove shavings and sawdust, clean and lubricate the machine tool, and clean up the surrounding environment.

(3) Lubrication and maintenance of bearings

1) Always check whether there is enough oil in the bearing bush and whether the oil in the oil box is within the normal oil level, such as

If it is found that the lubrication system is blocked and oil leaks, it should be repaired in time. Under normal circumstances, add oil every 10 to 15 days.

Change the lubricating oil every 3-6 months

2) Grease-lubricated rolling bearings should be removed and cleaned for general woodworking machinery maintenance. After installing the shaft and bearing seat, apply grease. The amount of grease applied is about 1/3 of the bearing seat space.

3) The temperature of the bearing is normal between 30 and 40 °C. If it reaches above 60 °C, stop the machine immediately to find the cause. The bearing installation is too tight or skewed, and impurities mixed in the lubricating oil can cause the bearing to overheat. Normal operation should not have any noise.

(4) Maintenance between repairs. This is regular maintenance of the machine. Large equipment such as boilers and fiberboards need to be maintained once a week, and the downtime is 4~8h. Generally, woodworking machinery is maintained once every 3 to 6 months, and the downtime is 4 to 8 hours. The maintenance of large-scale complete sets of equipment is mainly carried out by workshop maintenance personnel, with assistance from operators. General woodworking machinery maintenance is mainly based on operators, and maintenance personnel guide and assist.