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Maintenance of woodworking machinery

Maintenance of woodworking machinery

04 Feb 2022

The maintenance of woodworking machinery can be divided into three types: minor repairs, medium repairs and major repairs.

(1) Minor repair content.
1) Partial disassembly of severely worn and damaged parts
2) Clean the disassembled parts for repair or replacement
3) Check the spindle, cutter shaft and saw shaft, and repair if necessary.
4) Dressing or replacement of wearing parts such as bearings, guides and other friction surfaces
5) Dressing of working surfaces such as work table, tool rest, guide ruler, etc.
6) Inspection and adjustment of operating mechanisms, electrical interlocks, switches, and positioners.
7) The inspection of the matching accuracy of the transmission parts, the adjustment of the spring tension and the adjustment of the balance of the cutter head and the movement of the worktable.
8) Adjustment, repair and replacement of oil for hydraulic systems and lubricating devices.
9) Inspection and adjustment of protective devices and dust collectors.
10) No-load test run of the machine tool, check noise and temperature rise, work accuracy check

·(2) Contents of middle school
1) Disassemble all parts for cleaning and wiping.
2) Replace wearing parts, repair spindle, cutter shaft and saw shaft
3) Repair workbench, guides and friction surfaces
4) Repair hydraulic and lubricating equipment, replace oil
5) Replace the transmission parts and assemble the machine tool.
6) Repair guards.
7) According to the technical requirements of the equipment, check the accuracy and smoothness of the machine tools and products
8) Check noise and temperature rise during no-load operation.
9) Spray paint on the outer surface of the machine tool.
10) Restoration of marks, reticle, scale and other marks

(3) Overhaul content.
1) All the machine tools are disassembled, cleaned, wiped, and checked for all parts
2) Replace worn planer shafts and spindles of circular saws, milling machines, drilling machines, woodworking lathes, etc.
3) Replace the worn rolling bearings, bushings and bearing bushes.
4) Replace worn gears, sprockets and clutches
5) Replace the worn drive shaft, lead screw and coupling.
6) Replace worn fasteners such as bolts, keys and pins, etc.
7) Replace worn belts, chains and other parts.
8) Replace the worn pressure plate and inclined iron.
9) Repair the tool setting device and adjust the ruler.
10) Planing and scraping the rail surface and work surface.
11) Repair hydraulic system and lubricating device, replace oil or lubricant
12) Repair protective devices and dust collection pipes.
13) Machine tool assembly and calibration.
14) Correct the foundation of large-scale equipment, such as band saws, etc.
15) Idling and load test.
16) Non-working surface paint
17) Restoration of marks, markings, graduations and other marks.