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Overview of commonly used woodworking machinery

Overview of commonly used woodworking machinery

29 Mar 2022

1. Classification and characteristics of sawing machines
(1) Band saw machine: A band saw machine is a machine that rotates a band saw blade around a saw wheel and cuts wood. The cutting motion of its saw blade is continuous in one direction, and the cutting speed is fast; it can saw large diameter logs or extra-large square logs, and the sawing quality is good; Therefore, the material grade rate is high and the yield rate is high; at the same time, the saw blade is thinner and the sawing path loss is less. Therefore, most lumber workshops use band saw machine lumber.
(2) Circular sawing machine: The circular sawing machine has simple structure, easy installation, convenient use, high efficiency and wide application. However, its sawing road height is small, the sawing road width is large, the yield is low, and the sawing quality is poor. It is mainly composed of frame, worktable, saw shaft, cutting blade, guide rule, transmission mechanism and safety device.
2. Classification and characteristics of planer
Wood planers are used for flat processing of squares or boards, and sometimes for forming surfaces. After the workpiece is processed by a planer, not only the precise size and the required cross-sectional shape can be obtained, but also a smoother surface can be obtained. Various forms such as four-sided planer and scraper