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Precautions for preventing rebound of woodworking table saw
Rebound can be avoided by the following precautions:
1. Make sure that the table saw blade is parallel to the longitudinal cutting backer. If it is not parallel, adjust in time.
2. Do not apply the pushing force to the uncontrolled remaining part of the processed material when slitting. When slitting, the pushing force should be added between the saw blade and the backing, and the push handle should be used when it is close to the saw blade. For very small workpieces, special fixtures should be used.
3. Make sure that the protective cover, the distributor knife and the anti-rebound tooth are in the correct position and work normally. Keep the anti-rebound teeth sharp. The splitting knife should be in a straight line with the saw blade, and the anti-rebound teeth play a role in preventing rebound when rebound occurs. Before sawing, check its working conditions and test it by pushing a piece of wood under it. The anti-rebound teeth should prevent the wood from being pulled forward of the saw.
4. Special attention should be paid when cutting plastic and composite materials. Since these materials are very hard and smooth, the anti-rebound tooth may not be able to prevent the rebound. Therefore, when cutting such materials, pay special attention to following the correct settings and cutting procedures.
5. It is only possible to use the protective cover and the distributor knife for each operation.

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