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Safety and maintenance of Woodworking Sanding Machine
Sanders often come into contact with the fine-grinding dust of wood, and the motor that accumulates dust for a long time will reduce heat dissipation, which affects work efficiency and motor life;
     The sawdust accumulated in the reversing switch copper sheet at the end of the rotor is easily carbonized under the influence of high temperature, forming carbon powder. Excessive accumulation will short-circuit the reversing switch copper sheet and cause the rotor to burn.
           Very fine wood chips stay on the bearing for a long time, and will gradually absorb the grease in the bearing through the gap of the bearing oil seal, reducing its lubrication effect or even losing it, thereby affecting the smooth performance of the bearing's conduction. Therefore, after each use, use a dust blow gun or a blower to clean the motor and working part, and regularly remove the extremely fine wood dust accumulated on the bearing.

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