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woodworking mortising machine | mortise and tenon structure, why is it used so little now?

woodworking mortising machine | mortise and tenon structure, why is it used so little now?

30 May 2022

For other furniture materials, the material itself is not suitable for mortise and tenon. For example, density plates have very weak torsion resistance, so metal connectors are used instead.
In addition, the emergence of high-strength wood glue has replaced the functions of many tenon-and-mortise structures, such as jigsaw panels. We know that most of the table tops are spliced ​​with several pieces of wood, and there are two reasons for this:
1. Large-diameter wood is relatively rare and expensive
2. When the large-diameter wood is used in a large area, it takes a lot of energy to prevent deformation and cracking, especially for the general desktop thickness of about 30 mm, it is easy to deform.
Therefore, it is generally splicing. In the past, wooden wedges or grooves were used for splicing, and animal glue was used to connect and close the gap. The strength of the high-strength glue directly spliced ​​can even exceed the strength of the wood material itself. However, it is irreversible. That is, it cannot be disassembled.
Let's go back to the tenon-and-mortise structure of modern solid wood furniture, and even some businesses use the tenon-and-mortise structure as a marketing gimmick. Why? Tenon and mortise structure is very precious? is it hard?
Obviously not difficult, but the problem lies in two aspects:
1. Whether labor or machinery is very labor-intensive, the technical requirements for workers are very, very high.
Second, the precision of the machined tenon and mortise is definitely much higher than before, and it can be accurate to an error of 0.5 mm. However, complex tenon and tenon joints have high machine requirements. Unless it is a CNC numerical control machine tool, a general single-axis machine tool needs many processes to process complex tenon and tenon joints. For most domestic furniture manufacturers, CNC is too expensive for dozens or millions of units, and the cost is too high.
In fact, it is not that the choice of tenon and tenon joints is limited. Many woods can basically meet the strength requirements of tenon joints and tenon joints. They do not necessarily have to be as hard as mahogany. Because of many decorative carvings, the wood must be fine, and the loose wood fibers will not be delicate and smooth. Many of the materials in the Ming Dynasty were ordinary materials. For example, the density of nanmu was not very high. At that time, there were a lot of them in the southwest of my country, and they have been cut down by now.
Tenon and mortise is not the only thing that must exist for architecture or furniture, it is a choice. For the realization of its functions, there are more and even better choices in modern times. For example, in construction, the emergence of prefabricated concrete and steel bars has led to the emergence of skyscrapers, while wooden tenon and tenon joints are impossible to achieve. For furniture, the emergence of more materials is not only to reduce the processing cost, but also to realize the furniture use environment (such as injection molding, outdoor furniture made of alloy materials) and the diversity of shapes, and the emergence of various curved and curved furniture . These allow consumers to have more choices.

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