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The cause and treatment of Horizontal Bandsaw Mill failure

The cause and treatment of Horizontal Bandsaw Mill failure

19 Nov 2021

Features of horizontal band saw:

Humanized operation interface, numerical control thickness display, fast and accurate adjustment of saw blade position. The hydraulic saw blade tension automatic compensation system ensures that the saw blade is always in the best tension state and prolongs the service life of the saw blade. One-time clamping, able to cut the wood.
Pay attention to the following issues when using horizontal band saws:

Short-circuit protection, overload protection, and loss-of-voltage protection devices should be sensitive and effective; the parameters of the leakage protector should be matched, the installation should be correct, and the action should be sensitive and reliable; the protective cover of the exposed transmission part should be complete and complete, and the installation should be firm.
Reasons for failure of horizontal band saws and treatment items:

1. If there is a gap in the middle of the upper guide block, the load on the back of the saw is too heavy, which makes the expansion capacity of the saw bottom too large, resulting in a section of the belt. At this time, the inspection method should be to adjust the tangent points before the two roulettes so that the two saw walls are clamped in the same horizontal line. The saw back and wheel shoulder keep a certain distance. Mainly do not cut the paper, use a ruler to measure the middle part of the saw band direction, the degree of agreement will be between a few millimeters, and it is indeed good that the saw back and the guide can be completely matched, so that the spacing between the guide blocks will be It's 0.5 millimeters.

2. The wear caused by the guide block is the wear of the back of the saw, which causes cracks on the back of the saw band and causes the band to break. The guide alloy will have obvious wear marks and grooves. There will be irregular scratches on the back of the saw. At this time, regular inspections are needed. The expansion force of the saw band becomes larger. If the load capacity is exceeded, the band will break. The saw speed does not match the falling speed. If the load of the saw band is too large, the saw speed will definitely decrease, and the work efficiency will change. Low, premature wear of the tooth tip will also occur, which will affect the service life. So once the horizontal band saw fails, it must be solved quickly.
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