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The practice of wood clamp | Wood Sheet Clamp Carrier

The practice of wood clamp | Wood Sheet Clamp Carrier

03 Dec 2021

Material tools:

3mm thick balsa wood strips, utility knife, pencil, ruler, scissors, dental floss, flower pot with protruding edge at the opening, spray paint can, super glue or white glue.


1. Measure the size of the flowerpot to determine the size of the bracket we want to make. Spray the color you like on the flowerpot and let it sit to dry.

2. Each bracket needs 8 small wooden slats, the length is equal to the diameter of the flowerpot, these 8 small wooden slats are used to make the upper and lower square frames of the stent, and then 4 wooden slats with the same height as the flowerpot are needed. Prop up the height of the stand. When cutting, try to cut it as flat as possible, so that the made bracket can be stable.

3. Use a ruler to divide each wooden strip of the upper and lower square frames into 6 equal parts and mark them, and use a utility knife to cut out grooves of the same size.

4. Make two upper and lower square frames (glued with white glue), and then glue 4 wooden strips of a certain height to one square frame.

5. After the glue is dry, attach another square frame to prevent the frame from tilting or collapsing due to gravity.

6. After all the materials are glued together, let them dry again. According to your own design, wind the prepared dental floss or other thin thread around the notch of the bracket. Finally, put a small potted plant on it, and it's done.
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