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The purpose and working principle of the polishing machine

The purpose and working principle of the polishing machine

07 Jun 2021

Many people do not understand the purpose and principle of polishing machine, now let us understand the knowledge of polishing machine.

polishing machine

1. purpose

The main function of the polishing machine is to remove the grinding groove left by the grinding wheel of the edging machine, and to polish the surface of optical resin, glass, and metal products, so that the edge surface of the lens is smooth and clean, and can be installed on the rimless glasses smoothly. on.

2. Working principle

The polishing machine consists of a motor and one or two polishing wheels. The motor drives the polishing wheel to rotate at a high speed, so that the part of the lens that needs to be polished is in contact with the polishing wheel coated with polishing agent, and the edge of the lens is polished to a smooth and flat surface. Polishing machines are generally divided into two categories. One is modified from a spectacle frame polishing machine, which can be called a vertical polishing machine. The material of the polishing wheel is laminated cloth wheel or cotton cloth wheel. The other is a newly designed lens polishing machine, called a right-angle flat surface polishing machine or a horizontal polishing machine. Its characteristic is that the polishing wheel surface and the working table surface are inclined at 45°, which is convenient for processing operations. When working, the lens is in contact with the surface of the polishing wheel at right angles to avoid accidental wear due to unpolished parts. The material of the polishing wheel is ultra-fine sandpaper and compressed fine felt. Ultra-fine sandpaper is used for rough grinding, and special polishing agent is used for fine grinding felt for fine polishing.