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Woodworking table saw introduction and function

Woodworking table saw introduction and function

07 Sep 2021

Woodworking machine tools that use saws to cut logs or finished timber are classified into woodworking band saws, woodworking circular saws, and woodworking frame saws. \n Woodworking Band Saw Machine The ring-shaped (endless) band saw blade is tensioned on two saw wheels, and the motor uses the saw wheel to move continuously. The feeding of the wood can be done manually or automatically by a sports car (a material feeder that clamps the logs to the band saw blade) or a roller. Band saws are divided into three types according to their purposes: sports band saws for sawing logs (Figure 1), re-slicing bandsaws for splitting planks or squares, and light band saws for joinery (joint bandsaws). . The worktable of the joinery band saw machine (saw blade width less than 50 mm) can rotate at an angle and can be used for jig sawing. It is widely used in the manufacture of doors and windows, furniture and wooden molds. The characteristic of the band saw is that the saw blade is thin, the saw path is narrow, and the yield rate is high.
1. The woodworking table saw can rotate the left and right drive shafts at the same time, and the feeding is more powerful when working, and there will be no jamming. The equipment components of the woodworking table saw are finely processed, and there will be no obvious vibration during use, the noise is also very small, and the service life is longer. The design of important parts of the components is very user-friendly, dustproof, waterproof, easy to maintain, will not cause clogging, and the effect is more obvious.
2. The large-scale woodworking table saw technology is relatively mature, and many decoration companies have very strict requirements on the processing of round wood sliding table saws. This is also the reason why woodworking table saws are trusted by them. Super large round woodworking table saws should not only pay attention to efficiency, but also the degree of use. When choosing a super-large round woodworking table saw, the parameters of each type must be clarified. The prices of different manufacturers will be different. Not only must choose the cost-effective one, but also pay attention to the working hours.
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