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Operation process of Tool Cutter Grinder Machine

Operation process of Tool Cutter Grinder Machine

09 Oct 2021

Tool grinders are grinders specially used for tool manufacturing and tool sharpening. There are universal tool grinders, drill sharpening machines, broach grinders, tool curve grinders, etc., which are mostly used in tool workshops in tool manufacturers and machinery manufacturers. Tool grinders are used in many workshops. We must pay attention to safety when using them. Mastering the correct operating procedures can also improve work efficiency. Here is a brief introduction to the operating procedures of tool grinders.

1. Check whether the mechanical transmission of all parts of the lubricating machine tool is normal before starting the tool grinder, whether the switch button is reliable, and ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and undamaged.

2. Start the grinding wheel to the normal processing speed by inching mode, and run it idling for five minutes.

Three, pay attention to when installing the grinding wheel

Before installation, check whether the shape of the grinding wheel is complete. Tap the grinding wheel to hear a crisp sound to ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and undamaged. The part where the grinding wheel is clamped should be cushioned with asbestos pads. five minutes.

4. The grinding wheel is forbidden to run over speed, and it shall not exceed the warning speed.

Fifth, choose the grinding amount reasonably, and it is strictly forbidden to over-load grinding.

6. Before grinding, check whether the workpiece is sucked or clamped firmly. When clamping high workpieces and workpieces with a small bottom area, use a stopper or special fixture to clamp to prevent malfunction.

7. Do not stand people in the position directly in front of the grinding wheel rotation when starting up, to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and flying out or the workpiece from flying away.

8. At the end of the work, the machine tool should be wiped clean, the power supply should be cut off, the parts should be placed neatly, and the work site should be kept clean.
Tool Cutter Grinder Machine