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What is a drilling machine?

What is a drilling machine?

26 Jul 2021

What is a drilling machine?
Drilling machine is a general term for machinery and equipment that uses a tool that is harder and sharper than the target to leave cylindrical holes or holes in the target by means of rotary cutting or rotary extrusion. There are also known as drilling rigs, punching machines, drilling machines, through-hole machines and so on. The desired effect is achieved by drilling precision parts. The drilling machines include semi-automatic drilling machines and fully automatic drilling machines. As the cost of human resources increases; most companies consider fully automatic drilling machines as their development direction. . With the development of the times and the improvement of the drilling technology of automatic drilling machines, the advantages of using automatic drilling machines to drill various hardware molds, straps, and jewelry are obvious.
The drilling rig is the main engine to complete the drilling construction. It drives the drilling tool and the bit to drill into the deep formation, and uses the elevator on the drilling rig to complete the auxiliary work such as lifting the drilling tool and casing, extracting the core, and replacing the bit. The main function of the pump is to deliver flushing fluid into the hole to clean the bottom of the hole, cool the drill bit and lubricate the drill tool. The purpose and construction objects of rock and soil drilling and tunneling are different, so there are many types of drilling rigs. Drilling rigs can be classified by purpose, such as core drilling rigs, oil drilling rigs, hydrogeological survey and water well drilling rigs, engineering geological survey drilling rigs, tunnel drilling rigs and engineering construction drilling rigs. According to the drilling method, the drilling rigs can be divided into four categories:
(1) Impact drilling rigs: wire rope impact drilling rigs, drill pipe impact drilling rigs.
(2) Rotary drilling rig: vertical shaft type--handle feed type, spiral differential feed type, hydraulic feed type drilling rig; turntable type--steel rope plus decompression type, hydraulic cylinder plus decompression type drilling rig; mobile Rotator-full hydraulic power head type, mechanical power head type drilling rig.
(3) Vibration drilling rig.
(4) Compound drilling rig: A drilling rig that combines functions such as vibration, impact, rotation, and static pressure in different combinations.