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What is a laminating machine?

What is a laminating machine?

26 Jul 2021

What is a laminating machine?
Laminating machines can be divided into two categories: instant-coating laminating machines and pre-coating laminating machines. It is a special equipment for paper and film. The ready-to-coat laminating machine includes three parts: gluing, drying, and hot pressing. It has a wide application range and stable and reliable processing performance. It is a widely used laminating equipment in China. Pre-coating type laminating machine, no gluing and drying part, small size, low cost, flexible and convenient operation, not only suitable for laminating processing of large quantities of printed matter, but also suitable for laminating small batches of scattered printed matter such as automated desktop office systems Processing is very promising.
The operation of this type of equipment includes three parts: gluing, drying, and hot pressing. The operation requires higher levels. The advantage is that the quality of the finished product is reliable. Its fatal disadvantage is that the oily glue will produce gas that affects human health. Therefore, this technology is used in Developed countries such as Europe and the United States have completely banned it. Water-based glue is more environmentally friendly than oil-based, and its cost is higher than that of oil-based.
Scope of application:
It is suitable for laminating (over-filming) of color printing, packaging paper, soft sheet, soft rubber sheet, etc., to make the surface bright, colorful and waterproof.
A detailed description:
1. The base, wall panels, etc. are constructed of cast iron, which will never be deformed to ensure that their accuracy will not be affected during use and maintenance and replacement of parts.
2. The gluing roller and the gluing roller are made with precision, and the concentricity error of the roller surface is controlled within 0.01mm to ensure uniform gluing and save the amount of glue.
3. The hot composite steel roller is treated with precision mirror finish, and the finished product is excellent.
4. Electronic automatic thermostat.
5. Unique design of hydraulic system, precise and stable.
It is equipped with a roll paper feeding device, which is suitable for the compounding of roll materials.
Water-based and oil-based dual-purpose machines can be customized according to user requirements,
Pre-coated type
This kind of machine lamination is a one-time molding, and the consumables used have been coated with glue. When laminating, the glue is melted by heating, and then the film is bonded to the printed matter by pressure. This kind of laminating equipment is cheap, simple to operate, and does not generate harmful gases during operation. It is a trend in the development of laminating. In todays society that pays more and more attention to environmental protection, it is believed that this kind of technology will one day replace the existing pre-coated film and become The main laminating technology in the domestic printing industry. The disadvantage is that this kind of technology is not very mature in China, and there are still some problems to be solved, such as: single-sided film curling (there are single-sided anti-curling machines, but the price is relatively high), and the printed matter with silicone oil is difficult to cover. Film and so on. It is widely used in short-run printing and digital fast printing industries.
Cold laminator
The cold laminator refers to a laminating machine that operates at room temperature without heating. It directly sticks the viscous film on the printed matter by pressing. This kind of machine is cheap and widely used, such as the sheet industry (aluminum, iron, glue Board, wood board, steel plate, glass board, etc.), decoration industry, hardware industry, etc.
Small film machine
It is a simple and practical professional laminating machine, which can also be used as a laminator, cold laminator, and PVC heat-sealing. Strictly speaking, this type of laminating machine is also upgraded from an internal thermoplastic laminator. However, this type of laminator solves the fundamental problem of the first type of laminator. The price of the laminator is between 1400-1500 yuan. Due to the use of internal heating rubber rollers to press the film, the film is fed up and down, which increases the heating time of the pre-coated film. , And the heat is balanced, so the coated film is flat and bright, and the effect is the same as that of the high-end laminating machine. Only because the heating power of this type of laminating machine is only 500W, although the temperature is adjustable, the speed is fixed, and the film can be pressed 0.7-0.8 meters per minute. It is suitable for business card laminating, recipe laminating, photo laminating and graphic printing laminating, especially some small printing factories, typing and copy shops, business card making companies and photo studios. In order to reduce equipment investment and cost, this type of laminating is chosen There are more machines. The market prospect of this kind of laminating machine is very good, it can be said that this kind of laminating machine is the most cost-effective.