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What is a wood planer?

What is a wood planer?

06 Sep 2021

A woodworking machine that uses a rotating or fixed planer to process the plane or forming surface of wood.
What are the classifications of wood planer?
According to different process uses, woodworking planers can be divided into flat planers, single-sided press planers, double-sided planers, three-sided planers, four-sided planers, and finish planers.   
According to the different process uses and structures, there are flat planing, pressure planing, four-sided planing, and polishing machine.   
Planing: It is used to precisely plan the reference surface of the workpiece blank, and it can also process the surface adjacent to the reference surface. It is used as an auxiliary reference surface. There are manual feed and mechanical feed, as well as single-axis and dual-axis points.   
Press planing: Used to process the opposite surface of the datum plane that has been planed smoothly and parallel to the datum plane. The thickness and width of the workpiece can be fixed by press planing, all using mechanical feed.
Four-side planer: It is used to process the four sides of the workpiece at the same time in one feed. Because of the use of mechanical feed and multi-axis machining, the efficiency is high.
Polishing machine: It is processed by pure planing, and is used for the final finishing of the surface of the part. The processing principle is similar to manual planing.