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What is woodworking machinery? | Woodworking Thicknesser Planer

What is woodworking machinery? | Woodworking Thicknesser Planer

13 Oct 2021

Woodworking machinery refers to a type of machine tool that processes semi-finished wood products into wood products in the wood processing technology. Furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery.
Brief introduction of woodworking machinery classification
The object processed by woodworking machine tools is wood. Wood is one of the earliest raw materials discovered and used by mankind, and has a close relationship with mankind's housing, transportation and use. Mankind has accumulated a wealth of wood processing experience in long-term practice. Woodworking machine tools are developed through people's long-term production practice, continuous discovery, continuous exploration, and continuous creation.
Wooden furniture refers to utensils made of wooden materials.
According to its structure, it can be divided into two categories: frame furniture and panel furniture.
The structure of typical frame furniture is a tenon and tenon structure, and the materials are natural solid wood panels and square wood, such as mahogany furniture, Ming-style furniture, Qing-style furniture, solid wood dining tables and chairs.
The typical panel furniture refers to the furniture which uses artificial board as the material, and the structure is connected by connectors, round tenons, etc.
Classified by woodworking machine booking
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