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The Complete Guide to Sanding Wood

The Complete Guide to Sanding Wood

28 Jun 2022

Sanding Basics
Sanding wood really is as simple as grabbing some sandpaper and rubbing it against the wood. But there are a few other details that help your project come out as flawless as possible!
How Sandpaper Works
Sandpaper works by scratching the surface of the wood, removing a very thin layer of wood from the piece. You probably can’t see the scratches as you sand, but I promise you, they’re there!
Coarser/lower grit sandpapers leave larger scratches than higher grit sandpaper. While you might not be able to see the scratches initially, both wood stain and wood finish can highlight them, because the scratches take finish differently than the rest of the piece.
So it’s important we minimize those scratches as much as we can during the sanding process. Sanding the right way means the finish product won’t have any visible scratches on it, which is exactly what you want!
Sanding With the Grain
The first way to minimize sanding scratches is by sanding in the direction of the grain. The are two reasons for this.
First off, any scratches that still exist at the end of the sanding process will blend in with the grain. While there might still be a scratch, it will be unnoticeable because it looks just like the grain of the wood.

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