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Wood Shaper

Wood Shaper

29 Jun 2022

The wood shaper is a very useful machine, whether you have a garage woodshop or a commercial shop.
Shaping wood is a rather easy process, once you have the right equipment and some knowledge of how they work. Almost all woodworkers have used a router table at some point. The shaper is pretty much just a larger version, with more power, and the ability to handle much larger cutters, such as those used for raised panels or crown moldings. The variety of cutters is also much greater than those for routers.
The shaper is considered to be the most dangerous machine in the shop, but with proper precautions and careful set-up, it doesn’t need to be feared. There are several safety precautions you can, and should use. First thing would be to use the plastic guard supplied with the shaper. It has a bearing in the center of it which allows it to spin freely and is installed above the cutter. This alone would stop many of the injuries attributed to the shaper.