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Woodworking Machine Table Saw | Install Woodworking Mini Table Saw

Woodworking Machine Table Saw | Install Woodworking Mini Table Saw

26 Sep 2022

Woodworking Machine Table Saw | When using a small woodworking table saw, the installation is very important. If the installation is not good, the follow-up troubles will continue, which will affect the progress of the work. So how to install the wooden push table saw correctly, and which installation problems should be paid attention to?

1. When installing the saw blade, pay attention to whether the rotation direction of the main shaft of the machine is consistent with the rotation method of the saw blade. If it is not the same, it should be adjusted in time.

2. According to the product manual of the push table saw, adjust the speed and supply of the push table saw blade suitable for the material to be cut.

3. Before installing the push table saw operation, use other materials to test the equipment. Check whether there is abnormal sound and vibration during use. If there is, stop working immediately to check and troubleshoot.

4. When installing the push table saw, you should find a flat area for installation to prevent abnormalities in use. | Woodworking Machine Table Saw