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Woodworking Machinery|Woodworking mortise and tenon machine

Woodworking Machinery|Woodworking mortise and tenon machine

04 Feb 2022

It is widely used in new Chinese furniture, antique furniture and classical furniture. For example, various complex structures such as mortise mortise tenon, grid shoulder tenon, hand mortise tenon, mortise tenon, etc. all require woodworking mortise and tenon machines to complete. CNC equipment is second to none in terms of efficiency and processing quality. Today, let's talk about the machine for processing tenon and tenon - woodworking tenon machine.
1. Briefly talk about the application scenarios of mortise and tenon equipment
1. Mainly used for the production of new Chinese furniture, the manufacture of antique furniture, and the splicing of various corners and tenons of classical furniture.
2. It is mainly used to assemble the raglan structure of woodworking doors and windows, etc.
3. Mainly used in the processing and production of various picture frames and cabinet doors with special process requirements.
Second, talk about the specific characteristics of tenon and tenon machinery
1. The machine adopts special programming design, which can open more than 20-30 kinds of tenons and has various functions. Wide range of applications
2. The mortise and tenon machinery is a special touch screen operation, which is mainly designed for ordinary workers. The operation is very simple and convenient, easy to learn, and easy to operate.
3. The tenon and tenon machine uses special milling cutters and tenon cutters, which can work alone. The concept of three-station design makes the machine run reasonably and efficiently, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency. Bring power to the production of enterprises.
4. The tenon and tenon machine is equipped with a protection and alarm device, which is safer during the operation of the equipment. If there is a problem, the machine will automatically repair it, which greatly reduces the labor burden.
5. The machine has a 100mm mouth and neck centralized dust removal port, the processing environment is more environmentally friendly, and it is more conducive to the production of large enterprises.