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Woodworking mortising machine, many kinds of tenoning

Woodworking mortising machine, many kinds of tenoning

30 May 2022

The large-scale application of tenon and tenon in modern furniture and the wide realization of various tenon and tenon structures, thanks to the emergence of modern mechanized woodworking tools, the power tools, tenoning molds, and machine tools currently used in domestic woodworking workshops are basically developed. National products, before modern times, in addition to official and individual dignitaries' furniture and individual craftsmen's small objects, the most commonly used folk furniture are flat tenon and wedge (column), dovetail tenon (plate).
So how do you make these mortise and tenon? For those hobbyists who can do it simply by hand, is there a good way to do it in batches like a factory? Today I will tell you about a woodworking mortising machine.
As the name suggests, CNC mortise and tenon machine is CNC automation equipment. Now the development momentum of domestic CNC automation equipment is very strong, and the technology is gradually mature and perfect. What are the advantages of this mortise and tenon machine?
1. The mortise and tenon machine is a CNC automation equipment. The workpiece is processed at one time without repeated positioning, and the precision is very high. The wool is placed on the machine and the machine is automatically processed. After the processing is completed, the material can be directly taken off and assembled automatically, which is very convenient. .
2. The mortise and tenon machine is easy to operate and saves labor. It only needs an ordinary female worker to be able to operate it completely, which is different from the high cost and slow efficiency brought about by the factory's over-reliance on labor. Business cost savings.
3. The mortise and tenon machine is easy to operate, the operation interface is simple and easy to learn, the average junior high school education level can be fully learned, the training is simple, the newcomers can get started quickly, and there is no need for too complicated training, which saves the time for enterprises to cultivate talents and brings benefits to enterprises. greater benefit.
Woodworking mortise and tenon machines are widely used in new Chinese furniture, antique furniture and classical furniture. Various complex structures such as mortise mortise, shoulder mortise, hand mortise, mortise and tenon all require woodworking mortise and tenon machines to complete.