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Woodworking Panel Saw Woodworking Precision Saw Basic Tutorial

Woodworking Panel Saw Woodworking Precision Saw Basic Tutorial

29 Apr 2022

A Woodworking Panel Saw that we usually use in processing is woodworking precision sawing equipment. This equipment can be said to be used in various industries, including wood product processing, plastic processing, board cutting, etc., and basically all woodworking with a cutting process has this woodworking The figure of the precision saw, today we will answer some questions raised by customers.
Woodworking precision saw parameters
1. How to adjust the small saw blade of woodworking precision saw
The small saw blade is called a scribing saw blade. There are two types of scribing saw blades. One is a single scribing saw blade, which can only adjust the height of the saw blade. The other is a double-cut saw blade, which can only adjust the width of the saw blade, that is, the width of the saw path. Double strokes are adjusted by adding or subtracting spacers. When you say how to adjust the left and right, you actually mean double-swipe to adjust the width.
Woodworking precision sawing
2. How long can the woodworking precision saw blade last?
How many MDF an alloy saw blade can cut depends on the material of the MDF. After all, there are many kinds of MDF. The alloy saw blade can be used for a long time when sawing multi-layer solid wood. , the price is higher than the alloy, but the service life is dozens of times that of the alloy. It also depends on how your raw materials are. If you have a large quantity, a better saw blade can be used for about 4 days, depending on your board. Generally, there are more or less stones or nails in the MDF. If you just saw it, it won't work. If the quantity is large, it is recommended that you buy a fully automatic or manual sander.