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Woodworking Sanding Machine | Sanding machine dust control bag design standard

Woodworking Sanding Machine | Sanding machine dust control bag design standard

27 Jul 2022

Woodworking Sanding Machine | Dust Bag Design Criteria Selection Elements:

1. The dust-laden air a passing through the cyclone should be equal to the actual amount of dust-laden air to be treated.

2. The particle size of the minimum dust that can be collected by the dust collector must be equal to or slightly smaller than the particle size of the wood dust required to be collected.

3. In the selection process, the loss of the pressure head and the structure type of the cyclone should be considered to reduce the power consumption and to be simple and convenient to manufacture.

Improper design and use are also an important factor affecting the dust removal effect. For example, some wood processing workshops directly connect the sander dust removal system to the centralized pneumatic dust collection system in the workshop. Due to the use of cyclone separators, it is difficult to separate the dust below 5-10μm. The dust concentration exceeds the standard due to dust particles; some sander dust removal systems have insufficient air volume or although the air volume is satisfactory, the design has not carried out strict resistance balance calculation, resulting in unreasonable air volume distribution, affecting the dust collection effect, and causing the workshop dust concentration to exceed the standard. In some cases, the discharge port is blocked, the dust agglomeration between the filter bags hinders the cleaning of the dust, or even the dead cloth bags are blocked due to the improper dust removal form or the selection of the dust collector.