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Working principle and maintenance of hot press | woodworking hot press

Working principle and maintenance of hot press | woodworking hot press

19 Aug 2022

With the reduction of wood resources, especially precious wood resources, more and more furniture uses pressure processes such as veneers or stickers. As an important equipment for pressure processes, hot presses are often used for veneers and pressure-formed parts in furniture manufacturing. Its production capacity And technical performance limits the production scale and product quality of the enterprise. In order to better understand and choose the heat press, this article introduces the working principle of the veneer heat press commonly used in the furniture industry in detail.
In fact, the working principle of the hot press is to carry out positive pressure on the basis of negative pressure, and use special glue for processing. The hot press also has the characteristics of high pressure, low temperature and short film pressing time, which solves the deformation problem of the workpiece processed by the negative pressure equipment, greatly reduces the deformation degree of the workpiece, and ensures the quality and performance of the product.
The existing hot press machine on the market can automatically complete the processing technology of entering the table, lifting the table, heating, vacuuming, forming, demoulding, and lowering the table. It is mainly driven by oil pressure and compressed air, so there should be enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is composed of steel plates, and the overall structure is reasonable. The two workbenches can be recycled or used individually.
The heat press can be said to be one of the main machinery of woodworking machinery. The main function of the hot press in the processing of wood products is to hot press and bond furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors, and fire door surface material veneers. The wide application of hot press is mainly reflected in the application of various wood-based panels such as plywood, blockboard, medium fiberboard, particleboard, various decorative materials, decorative cloth, veneer, polyvinyl chloride, etc. It can also be used for veneer drying and leveling. , The color decorative plate is flat and formed, and the effect is very significant.woodworking hot press