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Automatic UV Paint glass wood Door Painting Machine
Automatic UV Paint glass wood Door Painting Machine

Automatic UV Paint glass wood Door Painting Machine

Quick Details
Model:600    900    1300
Processing length range (max, min)    :Min300mm    Min300mm    Min300mm
Processing width range (max, min)    :Max600mm    Max900mm    Max1300mm
Machining thickness range (max, min):3-80mm    3-80mm    3-80mm
Feed speed:0-20m/min    0-20m/min    0-20m/min
Feed power:0.75kw    1.5kw    1.5kw

Spare Parts

The wood uv painting machine is suitable for finishing paint, panel furniture, parquet, flat door, handicraft, bamboo curtain and special-shaped material. The thickness of the paint curtain is easy to adjust and accurate. It can be adjusted to 0.06mm if it is small.
This door uv paint machines for melamine machine is used to coat flat articles to make the paint surface smooth, delicate, plump and shiny.The pump is also controlled by a transducer, the paint flow is stable and the temperature of the oil tank is constant.
Applicable paint for curtain shower machine: Transparent /solid color multicomponent paint, glass paint, PE paint, PU paint. Application fields of curtain shower machine: Panel furniture, wardrobe, bathroom, cabinet, glass and other fields.
Model 600 900 1300
Processing length range (max, min) Min300mm Min300mm Min300mm
Processing width range (max, min) Max600mm Max900mm Max1300mm
Machining thickness range (max, min) 3-80mm 3-80mm 3-80mm
Feed speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Feed power 0.75kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Curtain thickness Thinnest7c Thinnest7c Thinnest7c
Temperature control range 50-55℃ 50-55℃ 50-55℃
Installed power of the whole machine 13kw 15.3kw 15.3kw
Total weight 800kg 1000kg 1200kg
Package size 3000*1450*1600 3000*1850*1600 6000*2150*1600

The adjustment of coating thickness is very accurate to ensure the uniformity of the whole coating surface. The door painting machine is equipped with a coating circulation device, which can recycle the coating and eliminate the waste of coating. The conveyor belt is made of high quality resin, solvent resistant and easy to clean.

Working principle: the paint will flow down vertically through the curtain knife body and recycled through the paint recycling and filtering system to form a continuous paint curtain. When the plane plate is quickly transported through the paint curtain, a thicker paint film is formed.

Coating efficiency is very high, low labor intensity, can form a continuous operation of the assembly line production.Only a small part of solvent volatilized in the coating circulation system during the coating process.It is easy to operate and easy to operate. It can be operated in isolation and airtight way with good labor protection.




Door Painting Machine

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