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Best wood planer curving line spindle shaper moulder machine
Best wood planer curving line spindle shaper moulder machine

Best wood planer curving line spindle shaper moulder machine

Working length:250-6000mm
Working width:10-200mm
Working thickness:8-150mm

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Press planer is a kind of wood line machine, which can be used as both line machine and woodworking planer. It has high speed, economy and applicability. It can be used as both press planer and wood line machine.
Model MB9020A
Working length 250-6000mm
Working width 10-200mm
Working thickness 8-150mm
Feed motor power 0.75kw
Feed speed 4-8m/min
Power of cutter shaft motor 5.5kw
Spindle speed 7000r/min
Max cutter diamaeter φ150mm
Extraction outlet size φ120mm
Spindle diameter φ40mm
Air pressure 0.6mpa
Total power 6.25kw
Dimension 1000*800*1270mm
Weight 780kg

The surface is made of superior materials, not easy to rust, wear-resistant and durable. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation, reliability, high processing efficiency and precision.

High quality motor, using national standard motor, motor cooling faster, lighter weight, use more security.

The guide rail with round bar steel structure can ensure that the processed products reach high quality and high standard design, and solve the problem of guide rail degumming. It can always maintain good accuracy after long-term use, and the angle and position of cutting materials are accurate.

Fast feeding speed, safe and stable, improve production efficiency, manual flexible working form, high efficiency working machine.

Different types of lifting handwheel, simple and convenient, easy to operate.

The production of doors and windows, wardrobes, tables and chairs, according to different needs and styles to choose different wood knife, wood knife styles, can be purchased according to demand.

Mainly used in the production of decorative wood line, can also be used as a small pressure planing, planing out thick plate, square timber, feeding system stable and powerful, to ensure the processing of high quality wood line.

It is suitable for wood line processing, and can also be used as planer. It is widely used in woodworking industry.

MB9010A,MF9015A and MF9020A, three models, can process 100mm,150mm,200mm width of wood.

Spindle Shaper

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