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Cheap N95 and kn95 face mask making machine
Cheap N95 and kn95 face mask making machine

Cheap N95 and kn95 face mask making machine

Capacity:40-50 Pcs/min

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KN95 Automatic face mask making machine
Mask blank making machine produce masks with certain filtering performance by hot pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic welding, scraping removal, ear rope nose band welding and other processes of multi-layer non-woven fabric.
Main performance features of  mask plane making machine
(1) The automatic high-speed servo plane mask machine adopts PLC control system to make materials from coil material loading, folding and pressing, nose rib material loading, ultrasonic welding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band material loading and welding, finished product material unloading, complete the whole production process automation operation, continuous and efficient.
(2) intelligent control platform, convenient and quick setting of human-machine interface parameters, simple and easy to learn operation, one person can operate multiple sets at the same time.
(3)  high production stability, low failure rate and small floor area.
(4) when the coil and the nose bar are short of material, photoelectric (optical fiber) detects the raw material and automatically stops the machine to avoid waste.
(6) Stable quantity parameters of finished products can be set to meet different packaging requirements. 


face mask pp nonwoven making machine is composed of the body machine which is responsible for the shaping and laminating of the mask body and the ear belt machine which is responsible for the welding of the ear belt.
The efficiency of the body machine is high (40-50 pieces / minute) The ear belt welding machine is about40 pieces / min
K95 earloop welder machine with KN95 face mask plane making machine combined to production line. 

In order to achieve the perfect cooperation between the body machine and the ear belt welding machine, one body machine needs to be matched with two or three ear belt welding machines. In the fully automatic integrated equipment, generally one mask body machine is also connected with two or three ear belt welding machines.

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Kn95 Face Mask Making Machine


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