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Circular saw blade welding and tip teeth brazing machine | Carbide Tip Brazing Machine
Circular saw blade welding and tip teeth brazing machine | Carbide Tip Brazing Machine

Circular saw blade welding and tip teeth brazing machine | Carbide Tip Brazing Machine

Saw blade Dia:120mm-790mm
Saw tips width:1.5mm-6.5mm
Saw tips thickness:1.5mm-3mm
Overall size:1570*1100*1600mm

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Automatic saw tipping Machines offer tremendous flexibility and cost-savings to your company. A single automated machine is capable of precise, exact brazing of over 3500 tips per day without fail.
1.Automatic choose tooth, feeding, soldering lug fold to mould, centering and welding.
2. Accurate and durable welding quality.
3.Advanced heated controller, control temperature automatically in welding work, micro adjustment temperature of automatic tempering.
4.Centering precise, welding secure.
5.Latest system for teeth type choose.
6.CNC control, safety performance, has memory and search function.
7.Small size of whole machine, low power consumption, high working efficiency.
8.Easy to operation, clear graph indexing.

Product name CNC Circular saw blade welding machine
Saw blade Dia 120mm-790mm
Hook angle -10 to +25 degree
Saw tips length 3.5-13mm
Saw tips width 1.5mm-6.5mm
Saw tips thickness 1.5mm-3mm
High frequency power 6kw
Air pressure 6KG/cm2
Total power 6.5kw
Ventilate capacity >5meter/min
Cooling power 1.5kw
Cooling water flow 22L/min
Weight: 430KG
Overall size 1570*1100*1600mm

Integrated robot system with high storage capacity and very fast movements for loading and unloading the saw blades.
Freely accessible machine protection system with light curtain.

Innovative machine design for fast change over to different saw and strobe sizes.

Most machine settings are programmable,high brazing precision.
Red laser choose corrected side tips to feed in welding device. Remove the incorrect side tips to loading device.

Rotating automatically to make the carbide tips to different side. 

Automatic carbide tips choosing.
The wrong direction carbide tips will be return back.

Optical tip sorting for precise results
Quick and exact adjustment to different saw blade sizes

Material cost savings due to exact placement of flux dosing and solder foil placement
Increased efficiency due to reduction in "human error"
Precise, repeatable quality,Reduced labor costs

For visual assistance, our multimedia gallery provides videos of WEHO Automatic tipping Machines in action

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