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CNC automatic woodworking double end tenoner
CNC automatic woodworking double end tenoner

CNC automatic woodworking double end tenoner

Drill Diameter:
Cutting length:250-2500
working thickness:6-125mm
Cutter head:100-170mm

Spare Parts

With the jumping device in the scoring saw and the first milling unit, can prevent tearing effectively when processing Each spindle can rotate, convenient to achieve angle-truncate, ten on, groove and etc. Adopted widen by high precision linear orbit, machine can run in precision and wearable.
specification & Type DC808
Working width 250mm
Working thickness 6mm
Cutting out diameter (min-max) Left saw unit Φ125-Φ200
Right saw unit Φ125-Φ200
Left cut~off saw Φ250-Φ300
Right cut—offsaw Φ250-Φ300
First Left and right unit Φ140-Φ160
Second Left and rihgt unit Φ140-Φ160
Spindle diameter Left saw unit Φ25.4
Right saw unit Φ25.4
Left cut~off saw Φ30
Right cut—offsaw Φ30
First Left and right unit Φ40
Second Left and rihgt unit Φ40
Cutterhead length 100
Motor power Left scoring saw unit 2.2KW 3KW/4HP/3HP
Right scoring saw unit 2.2KW 3KW/4HP/3HP
Left cut~off saw 4KW 11KW/15HP
Right cut—offsaw 4KW 11KW/15HP
First Left&right milling cutter 2x5.5KW/7.5HP
Second Left&right milling cutter 2x7.5KW/10HP
Feeding (Servo system) 4.4KW
Left & right milling cutter drive(Servo) 4x1KW/1.3HP
Pressure belt lift(Servo) 2x1KW/1.3HP
adjust Width(Servo) 1KW/1.3HP
Total motor power 58.46KW-80.09hp
Feed speed (m/min)  
milling cutter Spindle speed(r/min 7500
Dust pipe diameter(mm Φ120
Overaj_l machine dimensions (mm) (LxWxH) 5300x4000x1950
Weight(tons approx) T 5.8
Each spindle is configured with read out, can display the position of spindle veracious. Adopted inverter for feeding, make the feed speed reaches t0 5~25m/min, increase the productivity Setting all of the parameter by CNC, easy to view and control. Reduce labor and the time for setting parameter, improve the productivity effectively.
It assure precision when widen the working size, also can guarantee to fit your highly requirement for setting the working width.Orbit lubrication can reduce the frictions of slide when moving, increase the nature life of orbit as well.

The cut-off saw equipped 4KW(11KW ) motor and can be installed huggers, which is quite suitable to process the big cutting capacity materials. Much better to indeed the big size panels with the lengthen chain belt design Supported with the roller bearing in the feeding belt, make the movement more stable and reduce the noise.
In order to assure every chain board with high precision, we use the high hardness cast iron and treated with high temperature and machining by CNC Each spindle is enquired with high precision bearing, spindle speed of milling units reach to 7500r/min(9000r/min)


Double End Tenoner

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