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CNC horizontal reciprocating beam panel circular saw machine | Panel Saw
CNC horizontal reciprocating beam panel circular saw machine | Panel Saw

CNC horizontal reciprocating beam panel circular saw machine | Panel Saw

Max.Cutting Height at 90°(mm):75 mm
Max. Length of Workpiece (mm):3200 mm
Main saw blade:355 mm
Max cutting length:2600 mm
Workpiece thickness:75 mm

Spare Parts
Servo motor for pusher is optional, this machine can be use to small Automatic cnc beam saw. Cutting accuracy is high: the circular guide rail right angle error is + 0.1mm.
Safety: infrared scanning, from the saw blade 10CM there is a foreign body, the blade automatically sink to prevent accidents.
Product Name
Reciprocating beam saw machine
Sawing thickness
Sawing width
Main saw blade power
Saw block driving power
Main saw blade dia.
Auxiliary saw blade dia.
Main saw spindle dia.
Scoring saw spindle dia.
Saw forward speed
Main saw spindle rev
Overall size

1.High efficiency: a reciprocating cutting saw is the number three table saw work.
2.Telescopic by the size of the long workpiece cutting more accurate, and can save working space.Low loss SAW runs on the rail line, not because of human factors (held in high esteem, pushing light) cut out in the wrong size and reduce the loss.
3.The body structure is stable and firm: the machine body by 150*75*5mm square and 20mm panel welding, after a large thermal processing equipment for zero temperature annealing treatment, effectively remove body stress to ensure long-term mechanical cutting precision, also ensures that the body never deformation, durable.Beam Panel Saw
4. If your material is hard material, increase main saw power is available.

1)compression (can be more than a piece of overlapping plate cutting), the maximum cutting thickness of 70mm, saw automatically forward and backward, the efficiency is very high and very accurate.
2).Environmental protection: dustproof curtain can make the work environment more clean, more accurate sawing. 3).The cutting board workshop dust, reduce the harm to human and environment cleaner production, low noise.
4).Operation is simple, easy to understand: do not need to use skilled workers, a teacher will be, you can save the cost of the material master please.
5)10. Man-machine integration operation, directly on the touch screen to enter the size of a variety of sizes and then automatically start
6) Servo motor with automatic pusher is optional, this machine can be changed to small type Full automatic cnc beam saw. 
Reciprocating Saw with 7" color touch screen, easy for setting cutting size.
Reciprocating Saw carriage moved with gear motor, same to cnc beam saw structure, moves steady for perfect cutting. 
Famous brand eletric parts, ensure the machines using long time. 
Optional cnc beam saw system is optional, after add pusher and servo motor, this machine just need 1 person to finish cutting working. 


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