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Customize carton  packing machine optimal shape package | Woodworking Scroll Saw
Customize carton  packing machine optimal shape package | Woodworking Scroll Saw

Customize carton packing machine optimal shape package | Woodworking Scroll Saw

Minimum height of carton:35mm
Minimum width of carton:180mm
Minimum length of carton:400mm
Paper pile width range:800-1600mm
Rated gross power:9.5kw

Spare Parts

Cardboard put on cardboard-box cutting machine directly, can change cardboard quickly.  Cardboard-box cutting machine produce packaging in optimum size.
Name Customize carton  packing machine  optimal shape package
Modle MSD250
Paper pile width range 800-1600mm
Raw material paper pile quantity 1-4
Corrugated paper thickness 3-5mm
Corrugated vertical feed speed 0-40m/min
Maximum speed of crosscutting 90m/min
Production efficiency 5-8piece/min
Minimum height of carton 35mm
Minimum width of carton 180mm
Minimum length of carton 400mm
Compressed air correlation 6-8bar
Rated gross power 9.5kw
Machine size Single:3000*2100*2000mm
Machine weight 2300kg

Every packaging as a custom-made suit
Carton packing machine Main Features
1)Disc blade instead of saw blade, long usage time.
2) Fracture cutting has not dust, don't need dust system
3) Smooth edge after cutting.
4) Constant gap ensures cutting knife never touch steel pad, long service life Main Features 


The process is introduced

1.The board parts are divided into packaging according to the order, and then sent to the packaging area by small rollers

2. 1-2 people put the workpiece on the measuring table, automatically measure the size of the workpiece, and send the data to the CNC custom carton machine.

3.After getting the data of the custom carton machine, we can quickly produce customized cartons of different specifications.

4. The workpiece is sent to the packaging area through the intelligent conveyor line, and one person will assist to put the workpiece into the customized carton, and put the barcode (order classification) on it.

5.Two people are responsible for filling in the blank and sealing the box with adhesive tape, and moving the box and bag to the packaged finished product area.

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