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Gantry horizontal wood band saw resaw cutting machine for sale | Gantry Band Saw
Gantry horizontal wood band saw resaw cutting machine for sale | Gantry Band Saw

Gantry horizontal wood band saw resaw cutting machine for sale | Gantry Band Saw

Max.Working Width(mm):1300 mm
Saw wheel Dia:850mm
Feeding speed:0~16m/min(Servo system)
Blade speed(Max):48m/s(Frequency adjusting)
Hydraulic power:70kg/cm2
Power (kW):22

Spare Parts

It is suitable for the processing of slabs of square wood, logs or other materials. It has small sawing road and high precision.Compared with traditional vertical saws, it can save 4-5mm sawing and work difference materials, and can eliminate over-pressing.
Specifications For gantry horizontal band saw
Maximum processing size (W×H×L) 1250*2400
Working table(L×W) 2500*1300mm
Saw wheel Dia 850mm
Feeding speed 0~16m/min(Servo system)
Blade Wheel motor 22kw
Worktable feeding power 2.6kw(Servo motor,precise and steady feeding)
Saw wheels lift power 1.3kw(Servo motor,precise up-down)
Blade speed(Max) 48m/s(Frequency adjusting)
Hydraulic power 70kg/cm2
Dust pipe Dia 102mm*2
Saw blade size 7290*13*0.8mm
Saw kerf 1.2~1.4mm
Overall size 6500*3840*3560mm
Weight 5500kg

The saw wheel is made of high-quality 40Cr national standard steel and has high stability and resistance after 12 processing procedures Grinding and ensuring that the saw blade is not easy to break during use. The unique arc design of the outer circle of the saw wheel makes it difficult for the saw blade to run away,Reduce scrap rate and use cost.
Parts: Ceramic saw clamp Parts: Tensioning system
Wear-resistant ceramic saw clamp to protect the saw blade for efficient heat dissipation and better sawing surface quality.              Automatic tensioning: The Rexroh rails are fitted with a tensioning system to make the saw blade more durable. 

Parts: Electric Parts:Servo motor ball screw feed system
Zhengtai,SIMENS, LG and other imported electrical components: the electrical box is durable and not easy to damage.        Precision ball screw drive is used for worktable feeding, servo motor control adjustment speed, convenient control feed speed, more stable use.
Lifting system of saw wheel: use TBI precision screw rod of Taiwan brand, plus German root linear guide rail And slider, controlled by servo motor, can freely and accurately set the processing height to ensure that the thickness of the processed plate meets the requirements meet the set standard.

Full automatic hydraulic saw wheel tension system: the automatic tension system with automatic pressure maintaining function is used the saw blade can be replaced conveniently and quickly. When the saw blade is heated, the saw blade will grow, and the tension system will automatically boost the pressure,ensure that the saw blade is always in a stable position.

Electrical control system: Delta PLC, Siemens, Schneider, etc. are used for electrical appliances. The circuit system is not easy to be damaged and the failure rate is low.
Heavy duty bearing system: the saw wheel assembly adopts nsk32 heavy-duty angular contact circular cone roller bearing with contact surface.The product ensures that the saw wheel can bear a tensile force of 70kg / cm2 when it is tensioned, so as to reduce the deformation (tension) of the saw wheel when it is tensioned.The use of German root linear guide rail reduces the wear rate of the saw wheel and prolongs the service life of the saw wheel.
Linear guide: the 45 heavy-duty guide rail of German root linear guide. A single sliding block can bear a weight of 6000kg, which can not be affected by the violent impact of wood loading and unloading on the working table When used for a long time, the table moves forward and backward stably to ensure the sawing accuracy, save wood and reduce the reject rate.

Process, sanding directly after drying, saving wages and material costs; because there is no need to contact the saw blade in close proximity, it can ensure the safety of workers and reduce the risk of work injury; the advantage of equipment lies in labor saving / material saving / safety features.


Gantry Band Saw

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