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Heavy high speed power wood sander transverse and longitudinal polishing for Embryo Primer sanding
Heavy high speed power wood sander transverse and longitudinal polishing for Embryo Primer sanding

Heavy high speed power wood sander transverse and longitudinal polishing for Embryo Primer sanding

Sanding width

Sanding thickness:5-100mm
Minimum length:400mm

Spare Parts

Wide range of processing, such as solid wood furniture, solid wood doors and windows, cabinets, wardrobes, desk tops, tea tables, TV cabinets and other industries of white and primer sanding, and will not sand through the corner.
Model MF1300-C3
Sanding width 100-1300mm
Sanding thickness 5-100mm
Minimum length 400mm
plank embryo 0-6m/min
Primer 0-5m/min
Longitudinal sand speed (c)of sand roller 0-220r/min
Sanding Roller longitudinal sand (c) 3 groups
motor power 3 x 1.5kw frequency control
Diameter of sand roller φ300mm x3pcs
Conveyor belt motor power 1.5kwfrequency control
lifting motor, components and pressure roller power 3 x 0.25kw
Dust  collector φ150 x 4pcs
Total power 6.75kw
Overall size 2600*2300*1950mm
Total Weight 1800kg

The sand roller is composed of several brushes and sand cloth strips
The brush forms an angle with the axis,
Rotating speed control by frequency conversion,
Independent lifting control, convenient abrasive replacement.
Features: from top to bottom angle, rolling all-position polishing, flexibility in traditional grinding , the concave of the plate Grinding and sanding of irregular surface and corner.

Name of wearing parts: brush abrasive strips (customized according to different grinding products) are imported and domestic abrasive strips respectively; The number of commonly used sand cloth strips is 180 #, 240 #, 320 #, 400 #, 600 #.

Name of Wearing parts: sisal brown brush, with sanding cloth strip; The minimum service life is 1 year and the maximum is 2 years.
The specific service life depends on the use and maintenance.

Surface sanding machine, with different sanding roller and different sanding material combined to sanding Embryo or Primer.

Adopts heavy structure and integral frame,ensure the stable operation and sanding accuracy of the equipment.

Large imported processing equipment workshop to ensure the processing accuracy and quality of product parts.

Machine base, beam, worktable, stress relief annealing treatment;CNC gantry machine one-time forming processing;Stable structure, high precision and small deformation;Machining parts are the basis of machine quality

Embryo Primer sanding

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