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Hight speed full automatic CNC circular cutting optimizing wood cross cut machine
Hight speed full automatic CNC circular cutting optimizing wood cross cut machine

Hight speed full automatic CNC circular cutting optimizing wood cross cut machine

Max Cutting width and thickness:
Saw shaft speed:3700rpm
Power(W):14.5 Kw

Spare Parts

The optimal cross-cut saw is controlled by computer, which can form the best sawing plan for the production plan, cross-section the wood, and have the functions of analysis, optimization and statistics; it can greatly improve the wood yield and production efficiency.
1. Both the lift saw system and the feed system have servo drives to ensure a smoother, more precise and efficient sawing process. 
2.High-precision sensors and linear guides ensure high-speed feed of the machine
3.The working area is equipped with a closed protective cover, and the worker is far away from the sawing area and has high safety. 
4.Save labor, increase production, and increase wood processing profit 
5. Improve the yield, simple optimization, quantity statistics, servo lift saw, fast speed, strong stability 

Product Name optimizing crosscut off saw machine
Model MX60
Feed length (mm) 350-6500
Feed rate (MAX) 150m/min
Saw shaft speed 3700rpm
Processing section (mm) 150*20;120*50
Saw shaft drive power 4KW
Servo lifting saw power 3.0KW
Servo feed power 4.4KW
Discharge motor power 0.37KW
Machine power consumption  14.5KW
Saw cycle Less than0.2S
 Conveyor belt width  220mm
 Sawing precision  ±1mm
 Servo control saw blade sawing  ●
 Vacuum port diameter  Φ98*2
 Compressed air pressure  6-8bar
 Compressed air demand  1000L/min
 Saw blade size  Φ180mm
 Number of upper rollers 6
 Number of lower feed wheels 6
 Machine dimensions (length mm*width mm*height mm)  6000*1300*1600
 Wind speed  30m/s
 Air volume  2500m³/h
Inlet and discharge workbench o
 Multi-language display o
 Networking function o
 Remote maintenance o
 Remarks: ο optional equipment ● standard equipment

Automate optimize wood cross-cutting machine ,Automatically supply oil to the main unit slider, which makes the lubrication effect of the slider better and prolongs the service life of the slider.

Wood cross-cutting machine for optimizing crosscut saw,Precision sawing mechanism, precise cutting, efficient and stable.
Automatic crosscut saw helps you squash that heaping lumber bill is through Crayon Defect Marking. Rather than paying for the most expensive defect free lumber like FAS or Select, you can purchase lower grade No. 1 Common and get rid of those unsightly knots quickly and in-house.

An automatic cross cutting saw makes it easy. Operators use a UV Crayon to mark defects in the material. The saw cuts around those defects and optimizes the clear material while cutting parts. Accuracy is an additional benefit you get from using an optimizing cross cut saw station. You won’t ever have to use a tape measure again and you will have repeatable accuracy at thousandths of an inch, meaning no more cutting inaccuracies, less material waste, and greater lumber savings.
Automate optimize wood cross-cutting machine,Stacking feeder to increase production efficiency.Optimizing crosscut saw,Powerful servo system, precise and efficient sawing method, superior stability.


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