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Hydraulic plywood laminating hot press machine for wood veneer bending skateboard mold
Hydraulic plywood laminating hot press machine for wood veneer bending skateboard mold

Hydraulic plywood laminating hot press machine for wood veneer bending skateboard mold

800 x 3800 x 1800mm
Working Table Size(mm):1300×2500
Weight (KG):2000 KG
Power (kW):5.5

Spare Parts

woodworking hot heating hydraulic veneer door laninating curved HF plywood bending Press machine.For Curved panel forming,wood based panel  bending wood press production line: For Various bending wood veneer laminated products.HF plywood press is made of wood mould, shaped by press and heated by high-frequency to realize quick gluing of laminated bending heterosexual products, widely used in furniture, musical instruments, footwear, decoration, forestry and many other fields. WEHO company can also customize all kinds of non-standard equipment for you according to your requirements.
Model HFB200
Working methods High Frequency edge gluing press
Vertical pressure 75T according to different wood
side spressure according to different wood
Table Size 1250*2500 or different customize size
Oil cylinder 6pcs or more
Color or logo Customized available
Product aim quickly and fast auto wood board joining

Equipment features:
1. High frequency medium heating, even heating, rapid glue curing (2-3 minutes)
2. The wood mould has the advantages of low cost, small heat loss, simple operation and convenient replacement
3. High setting, not easy to deform
4. The best combination of one belt and two, one working, one preparing, two working alternately, shorten working time and improve working efficiency
5. Environmental protection and no pollution
6. 25 years of manufacturing experience, multiple protection of equipment, safe and assured.

Production of curved wood sofa, table and chair, curved wood furniture, musical instrument curved surface, wooden shoe bottom, etc.

High frequency heating can be used to complete the pressing and shaping of products at one time. One set is: one belt one, one drag two, one drag three, one drag four. 

HF plywood press use, put glued wood veneer or solid wood veneer, composite paperboard and other composite plates into the prefabricated mold, apply appropriate pressure, apply high-frequency voltage, the glue in the workpiece is rapidly heated and solidified under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic field, and the mold can be opened, finished product can be taken out after proper cooling. 

HF woodworking press Advantages:
1. Through heating, uniform heating, rapid qualitative, only tens of seconds to a few minutes.
2. Adopt wood mold, low replacement cost. One way, three-way and multi-way hydraulic presses can be flexibly combined.
3. It has good stability and does not deform for a long time after forming.
4. Environmental protection, no pollution, no dust.

Simple operation, uniform heating, rapid setting, only a few minutes to more than ten minutes.Adopt wood mold, low cost, simple replacement, easy variety innovation.
One way, three-way and multi-way hydraulic presses can be flexibly combined to meet different needs.

Single high-frequency machine can be equipped with multiple presses, with small working area and low labor intensity.Environmental protection, no boiler, no dust, no smoke.

HF plywood press produce many kinds of bending wood products, such as sofa, desk and chair, panel furniture, bed side cabinet and so on, which can be finished by high-frequency heating.

Due to the use of high-frequency heating technology, the variety of products changes a lot, mold replacement is easy, and the production efficiency is several times or even dozens of times of the traditional heating or cold pressing. High frequency curved wood press to become a special product of furniture industry.

The equipment can be used for gluing, shaping and bending of multi-layer boards and density boards. It can be used in the processing and production of office tables and chairs, sofa armrest, bed keel, panel furniture bedside, cabinets, musical instruments and other curved wood pieces.

WEHO Machinery is an original equipment manufacturer, all machines can be custom built to the customer requirements. We can design and manufacture most of wood processing machines. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations. We’re machine factory, but service is our business.

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