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Infrared heating drying leveling machine for plate coating
Infrared heating drying leveling machine for plate coating

Infrared heating drying leveling machine for plate coating

Quick Details
Model:600    900    1300
Minimum length:300mm    300mm    300mm
Working width:600mm    900mm    1300mm
Working thickness:3-80mm    3-80mm    3-80mm
Feeding speed:0-20m/min    0-20m/min    0-20m/min
Feeding power:0.75kw    0.75kw    0.75kw
Baking tube power:0.85kw    1kw    1.5kw

Spare Parts
Optional multi-stage temperature control, by which can set many values for different drying techniques.
Ecluipped with a temperature controller that controls the heater, and maintains the tunnel temperature.
This infrared heating drying machine is used for paint leveling and air bubble eliminating, in order to flatten the surface of the paints.Using the IR heating element,it accelerates the volatilization of the thinner and also speeds up chemical reaction.
Model 600 900 1300
Minimum length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Working width 600mm 900mm 1300mm
Working thickness 3-80mm 3-80mm 3-80mm
Feeding speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Feeding power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Baking tube power 0.85kw 1kw 1.5kw
Package size 6000*850*1500mm 6000*1150*1500mm 6000*1550*1500mm
Conveying speed of the heating drying leveling machine is controlled by an inverter. Length of a heat leveling machine varies can be selected according to various UV curing paints and manufacturing.Usages and features:brightness of the painted workpieces.








Heating Drying Leveling Machine

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