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semi automatic tenoning cheap wood tenoner square tenon mortise making machine
semi automatic tenoning cheap wood tenoner square tenon mortise making machine

semi automatic tenoning cheap wood tenoner square tenon mortise making machine

Max length of processing mortise:80mm
Tenon thickness:8-60mm
Motor Speed:6000r/min
Size of push table:990 * 600mm

Spare Parts

The main shaft bearing adopts SKF imported from France. When the machine runs at high speed, it is more resistant to high temperature than other products in the same industry. It will not cause the spindle to heat up and lock up. At the same time, the high-precision parallel operation of the main shaft makes the machine itself stable at high speed, and there will be no machine vibration and loud noise;
Working mode
Semi automatic
Applicable scope
Solid wood straight tenon and square tenon
Feeding speed
Can be controlled
Max diameter of saw blade
Max processing width
Max processing length
Max processing thickness
Overall dimension
1700 * 1650 * 1200mm
Sliding table size
Maximum tenon length
Tooth joint height
100 mm
Spindle speed
6000r / min
Rated voltage
Rated power

The machine adopts high-precision processing, with higher precision and beautiful appearance

The motor adopts 100% copper wire motor with sufficient power, which is more reliable than the same products in the same industry;
The guide rail is quenched and tempered with high frequency treatment, and the guide rail is not deformed for a long time, which is durable and durable. The sliding bearing makes the operation easier;
The circuit control system adopts the installation of contactor device, which can effectively ensure the stable working voltage of the machine and protect all electrical parts and motors.

The table surface is processed by high-precision surface grinder, and the table surface is flat to ensure the processing accuracy.
Mortise Making Machine

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