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Special bamboo products making lathe machine
Special bamboo products making lathe machine

Special bamboo products making lathe machine

Tool:2 cutter
Working diameter:15cm
Working length:30cm

Spare Parts

High precision bamboo processing lathe machine for bamboo cups,bamboo bowl,bamboo basin, bamboo basket,bamboo storage bottle.
Model WH-5020Z
Toos 2 cutter
Working diameter 15cm
Working length 30cm
Spindle speed 2000rpm
Machining accuracy 0.01mm
Size 1350*650*1060mm
Weight 350kg

Tail design:Scientific design, fully closed dust control, lead screw track, high production accuracy, longer service life.

Material receiving rack
80 * 80 national standard square pipe, with thickness of 6mm and stable guarantee Magnetic start key position can be placed at will, vector converter can be selected
Installation position of x-axis motor
Name TBI ball screw TRH linear guide
Model SFUR16140 TRH20B
Accuracy ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Advantage high precision, low noise, high stability High precision, low drag 3D guidance

Lead screw design: maintain the accuracy of the ball screw, reduce sawdust and dust pollution, improve the service life of more than 5 times.

CNC lathes: The whole series of CNC lathes are upgraded to CNC digital controller control, which not only saves 1 control computer, does not need USB cable connection, has strong anti-interference, is more stable, does not need mouse and keyboard, is more convenient to operate, and is more suitable for factory work, with the use of intelligent code automatic generation software.
CNC system:Import the following shape picture, input the required size and length, select the processing method and tool, the software can automatically generate the NC lathe processing program (G). The processing Diamante is directly saved to the TF card, and the lathe processing is directly controlled by the controller.

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