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What is a laminator|furniture laminating machine?

What is a laminator|furniture laminating machine?

26 Sep 2021

furniture laminating machine?


1. Basic information
2. Process and principle
3. Design essentials of lamination process equipment
4. Main technical indicators

Basic Information

A type of press with a floating press plate installed between the dynamic press plate and the fixed press plate, that is, a press with three or more hot press plates.
An important equipment required for the manufacture of solar cell modules is an equipment that presses EVA, solar cells, tempered glass, and backing films (TPT, PET and other materials) into a rigid body under high-temperature vacuum conditions.
The laminator is one of the special production equipment for chip multilayer ceramic capacitors. Its function is to apply the principle of uniform pressure transmission by water. By pressurizing the water in the sealed container, a high-pressure system is formed, which can oppose the capacitor chips placed in the water. Apply pressure evenly to make the structure compact and the surface smooth to meet the requirements of the production process.

Process and principle

The prepared ceramic paste is poured on the steel strip of the casting machine according to the process requirements, and after the film is removed by casting and drying, it becomes the capacitor dielectric material (ceramic film); then the precision laminated screen printing technology is used, The inner electrodes are repeatedly laminated and printed on the ceramic film, and each layer is pressed by a pressing table and then printed to become a component block.
In order to make the bar structure compact, the bar is packed in a plastic film bag, vacuumed and sealed, placed in the hot water in the container, and the container is sealed and pressurized to more than 30Mpa. The element is loose after being evenly pressed in the water. The structure becomes uniform and compact, ensuring the consistency of the electrical performance indicators of the components, and effectively improving the quality of the product.
No matter what kind of job the laminator is used for, its working principle is the same. That is to apply a certain pressure on the surface of the multilayer material to press these materials tightly together. The difference is that the pressing conditions are different according to the purpose of lamination.

Design essentials of lamination process equipment

The key point in the lamination process is pressure control. The greater the pressure, the better the product quality. The specific requirements are: the pressure rise must be stable, the pressure control accuracy must be high, the constant pressure time must be accurately controlled, and the product pressure must be uniform in all directions. In order to meet the requirements of lamination process and product production, the main design of the equipment should include four parts: loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system.

Main Specifications

Working pressure: normal pressure~35Mpa
Rising time: 15min (from normal pressure to 35 Mpa)
Pressure control accuracy: ±0.3 Mpa
Temperature control accuracy: ±2℃
Temperature control range: room temperature~80℃
Heating time: ≤60 minutes (from room temperature to 80°C)